Smart Vent Home Ventilation Systems

Smart Vent System
Smart Vent System
Manufacturer: IMAGE METALS
Product Code: Securimax svs

The SMART Solution in Home Ventilation...

Greatly reduce condensation, mould, mildew and other airborne contaminants

Recover otherwise wasted heat and drier air from the roof space

Provide a clean healthy living environment in your home

Drive moisture and contaminants out

Introduce clean fresh air whilst maintaining the security of your home

Continue to provide fresh cool air during the summer months and on hot days during Autumn/Winter/Spring

Smart Vent Heat Transfer Systems
Smart Vent Heat Transfer Systems
Manufacturer: Multitrade
Product Code: Securimax Pro

Incorporated in the kit is an inlet grille, F7 grade filter, ducting & a damper assembly. The inlet grille is installed under your soffit/eave, duct is then connected to the grille in the roof space followed by the filter which is then connected to your Heat Trans system via a damper. In summer a simple change over of the damper (via a standard wall switch in your house) will start the summer feature. The fan will pull air from outside rather than from the lounge, the cooler outside air will pass through an F7 grade filter and be distributed through your Heat Trans room diffusers.